Dinner Menu

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    “Our appetizers are designed to share… but you’re NOT going to want to!”

    Eggplant Rolatini Hand-battered eggplant filets are flash-fried then rolled with ricotta + parmesan + mozzarella + fresh basil. Then baked with marinara and mozzarella. 11

    Panko Fried Mozzarella Our homemade, thickly-sliced block mozzarella is lightly panko-crusted and flash-fried. 10

    Braised Meatballs Ziggy hand-rolls these babies then braises and slowly bakes them to perfection. 11

    Stuffed Mushrooms A Customer Favorite! Freshly grilled mushroom caps with a seasoned vegetarian stuffing in a brandy cream sauce. 10

    Mussels Marinara* 1 lb. live mussels are sautéed with garlic + basil + white wine + marinara. 14

    Shrimp Ceviche* Wild-caught USA gulf shrimp marinated with tomato + onion, + cilantro + avocado. 13

    Fried Calamari CALAMARI* Wild Caught! Tender calamari is flash-fried and served with marinara sauce. 12

    Bruschetta Crostini Our fresh, housemade bread is served with tomato + garlic + basil + parmesan. 9.5

    Caprese Featuring Ziggy’s fresh, homemade thick-sliced mozzarella with tomato + basil. Seasoned with sea salt + cracked pepper + evoo. 11

    Wine Lovers Board Cured Italian meats… prosciutto and salami served with aged cheese, fruit, olives, seasonal roasted veggies and crostini’s. 14


    Ziggy’s Tossed Antipasto – A NEW House Specialty! Just trust Ziggy! Cured Italian meats, cheese + pepperoncini + olives + peppers + tomatoes 14

    The “Vegiterranean” Salad Crispy romaine lettuce + feta cheese + tomato + Greek olives + red onion + pepperoncini in our seasoned EVOO 12

    Salmon Berry* Moist center cut salmon, over mixed greens with fresh berries + feta in a chianti vinaigrette. 18

    Caesar Salad Couples 10.5, Individual 5, w/Entree 4, add Grilled Chicken +3

    House Salad Couples 9, Individual 5, w/Entree 4, add Grilled Chicken +3

    Soup (always house made from scratch) Individual 5, w/Entree 4

    House Specialties

    Zuppa de Pesce* – Truly a “Fruit of the Sea” pasta dish Shrimp + clams + mussels + scallops + calamari in a white wine and marinara sauce. Served over linguine. Can you feel that nice sea breeze? 28

    Seafood Manicotti* Pasta filled with ricotta + parmesan + romano cheeses + crab + scallops + shrimp served in an alfredo and marinara sauce topped with mozzarella cheese. 19

    NY Steak Pizzaiolla* Grilled to order with sautéed capers + onions + olives + garlic + tomato sauce. Served over linguine. WOW! 24


    Gluten-free pasta substitute +3

    Meat Lasagna – Layers of goodness Bolognese + spicy sausage + marinara + ricotta + fresh spinach + mozzarella cheese… Repeat! 16

    Fettuccini Alfredo Wide noodles happily tossed in a hand-crafted sautéed creamy alfredo… Save some bread for dipping! 15 with Chicken +3

    Angel Hair with Shrimp* USA wild-caught gulf shrimp pan-fried with tomato + evoo + garlic + fresh basil. 18

    Cavatappi Matriciana – Hard to say… Easy to eat! Corkscrew pasta and sausage simmered in plum tomatos with pepper + mushroom + onion. 17

    Spaghetti Marinara – Ziggy cries tears of JOY into his 3 hour simmered Marinara 12 Add Meatballs, Sausage or Meat Sauce +3

    Penne Ala Arugula Penne pasta in a light brown sauce with mushrooms+grilled chicken, topped with fresh baby
    arugula+tomatoes. 16

    Linguini and Clams* Littleneck and baby clams sautéed in garlic + basil + clam juice with white wine or marinara sauce.
    Served over linguini. 17

    Baked Ziggy Ziti – Creamy and Decadent! Ziti pasta tossed in seasoned ricotta + marinara + mozzarella then baked until crispy around the edges. 13 Add Meatballs, Chicken or Sausage Sauce +3

    Rigatoni Bolognese Rigitoni pasta served in our homemade bolognese sauce, topped with fresh basil + shaved parmesan. 15

    Baked Tortellini Meat-filled pasta in an alfredo and marinara sauce baked crispy with mozzarella on top! Beautiful! 15

    Gnocchi Homemade potato pasta served in housemade marinara or gorgonzola cream sauce. And yes, we make it ourselves… 16


    Chicken Picatta Grilled chicken in a caper + lemon + butter + white wine + garlic sauce. Well balanced and fresh. Served with seasonal vegetables. 16

    Chicken Marsala Battered and pan-fried chicken in a slowsimmered
    mushroom+marsala wine sauce. Served with seasonal vegetables. 17

    Salmon Lorena* Center-cut salmon grilled and served over fresh sautéed spinach+seasonal vegetables, with a light marinara sauce. 18

    Chicken Parmigiana Hand-pounded thin chicken breast,breaded and flash-fried, then baked with marinara+mozzarella. Served with linguini. 16

    Eggplant Parmigiana Filets of eggplant, breaded, flash-fried,then baked with marinara + mozzarella. Served with linguini. 15


    We only use Northern California tomatos and Wisconsin mozzarella.
    *Gluten Friendly Pizza Crust +3 (only available in 12”)
    Twelve Inch | Sixteen Inch

    Margherita Light pizza sauce+shredded mozzarella + garlic + roasted tomato + fresh basil + fresh mozzarella. 13 | 18

    New York White Pie Olive oil + garlic + seasoned ricotta + mozzarella topped with fresh
    spinach + tomato. 13 | 18

    Ziggy’s MEAT Pie – (for serious meat lovers) Pepperoni + sausage + bacon and Ziggy’s homemade meatballs with mozzarella + tomato sauce. 14 | 19

    Spicy Grilled Chicken – Staff Favorite! Grilled chicken + pesto + tomato sauce + cilantro + garlic + jalapeños + roasted tomato. 14 | 19

    Vegetarian Pesto+tomato sauce + shredded mozzarella + mushroom + zucchini + bell pepper + black olive + onion. 13 | 18

    Il Posto Pepperoni + mushroom + sausage + pepper + onion + black olive + fresh garlic. 15 | 20

    Mediterranean Tomato sauce + garlic oil + mozzarella + feta + spinach + kalamata olives
    + pepperoncini + red onion. 13 | 18

    Hawaiian Tomato sauce + mozzarella + applewood smoked bacon + pineapple + fresh basil. 13 | 18 Add chicken +3

    Fungi (Mushroom) Garlic oil base + shredded mozzarella + mushrooms + fresh basil + crumbled goat cheese. 13 | 18

    Classic Cheese Pie Tomato sauce + mozzarella 11 | 15

    The “You Call It” Pick any three toppings – your choice. 14 | 18


    Twelve +2 | Sixteen +3

    Extra Mozzarella
    Goat Cheese


    Herbs + Veg + Fruit
    Bell Pepper
    Black Olive
    Fresh Basil
    Red Onion
    White Onion


    Jumbo wings are flash-fried and served with your choice of two dipping sides: BBQ, Buffalo, Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Thai Chile Six 6 | Twelve 10

    Takeout Available